Fine Art

Afternoon Glow 18x24Afternoon Tea 22x30Innocence 12x16Into The Woods 18x30Porch Light 16x20Summer Garden 18x22Daffodils in Vase 14x18Peonies with Wild Roses 16x18Yellow Roses in Pitcher 16x12Hydrangea and Daylillies 14x11Daffodil Rhapsody 14x11Tea Time 14x11Flowers in Mason Jar 16x12Peonies in Red Vase 18x12Peonies on Table 12x16Roses in Teapot 12x9Spring Blossoms with tea cup 10x8My Little Princess 11x8.5Emily 10x8Emily 10x8The Clearing 30x24Becca 10x8Ephemeral 20x16Spring Beauty 16x12The Garden Gate 24x19The Letter 20x14The Young Artist 36x30Quiet Time 28x24Caught By Surprise 24x30Dear Diary 20x24Garden By The Sea 16x20 My Secret Garden 24x18Seaside Fun 11x14 Safe Voyage 11x14Shooting the Breeze 11x14Spring Bouquet 14x11The Regatta 11x14Up Up And Away 11x14