The first meeting will decide what type of portrait the client desires, If it is a formal portrait, the clothing, lighting, location, and price are determined. Size and where the paintings will hang also will be discussed. If the client commissions an informal portrait, Denise will then have the photo session at the beach, garden , or the clients specific location request. An hour is usually needed for the informal portraits. Around two hours for the formal shoots.

The next step, Denise will discuss the photographs with the client and help finalize the picture selection. When the pose is selected for the formal portrait, she will then paint three separate studies exploring different color, value, and compositional arrangements for the client to see.

Once a study is selected, or a combination thereof, Denise can proceed with the final painting. Sometimes a sitting from life is required for the formal portraits. For the informal portraits, Denise will paint a detailed 8” x 10” study of the scene that was decided upon. With multiple figured portraits, many times the figures are chosen from different photographs. This explicit painting shows the client exactly what the larger and final painting will look like. Denise’s priority is her clients complete and utmost satisfaction. She wants her clients to be appraised of every step within the process of their paintings. As a result, most of her clients purchase the 8” x 10” study as well.

Denise has experienced wonderful success with her fine art also. These beautiful paintings transport the viewer back in time to a bygone era the evokes serenity, beauty, and simplicity.

Denise would like to thank renowned artist and author Lois Griffel whom she studied impressionistic plein air landscape painting with at the Cape Cod School of Art in Provincetown Massachusetts and landscape artist and author Ian Roberts. Both teachers opened up a world of outdoor color and light to Denise, which she employs in all of her outdoor paintings.



Prices for Denise’s portraits vary according to size, how many figures in the painting and what type of portrait. Please contact the artist for details